Haier Brings Serenity Series Air Conditioners To Market

Haier is currently shipping its Serenity Series air conditioners, which the company debuted earlier this year, at CES in Las Vegas.

According to Haier, the new air conditioners are said to be on average, 9 decibels quieter, with a softer sound, than other air conditioners on the market, based on third-party testing the company conducted.

The new air conditioners are available in 6,050 and 8,000 BTU Energy Star qualified models. The 6,050 BTU model is said to cool a room up to 150 square feet, while the 8,000 BTU model is said to cool up to 350 square feet.

“Haier’s engineers achieved the industry’s lowest sound levels by reconfiguring internal mechanisms, innovative design that redistributes air flow, structural design improvement and strategic placement of sound insulators,” said Paul Riley, svp/sales and marketing, Haier America. “We expect the Serenity Series to be embraced by consumers who don’t want to compromise on sound levels in their living space just to keep cool.”

The Serenity Series models have an SRP of $299 (6,050 BTU) and $399 (8,000 BTU). The units are available now at specialty retailers.

Haier also stated that it will roll out a digital advertising campaign supporting the new air conditioners this month.