Haier Promotes Dehumidifier Smart Dry Technology

This spring, Haier has launched an educational campaign to assist consumers with their dehumidifier purchase, with a focus on its Smart Dry technology.

The Smart Dry technology is said to help simplify the operation and maintenance of a Haier dehumidifier, stated the company, in order to help consumers better control humidity levels in the home, which can affect allergies, asthma and other health-related issues.

Features of the Smart Dry technology include adjusting the dehumidifiers fan accordingly, comparing the set and actual humidity level in a room, as well as filter/bucket reminders.

“A dehumidifier isn’t something you want to spend too much time thinking about so we’ve simplified the customer experience incorporating technologies in Haier dehumidifiers that make operation and maintenance simple,” said Rain Cain, svp/sales and marketing, Haier America.

In addition to details about Smart Dry technology, Haier is also making available to consumers additional information about how to choose the correct size dehumidifier for their home in the Info Hub section of the company’s website.

Haier offers a number of Energy Star qualified dehumidifiers that vary from a 30 pint to 70 pint capacity.