Hammacher Schlemmer Celebrates 170 Years Of Innovation

Hammacher Schlemmer, store runner, catalog publisher and digital operator, is celebrating 170 years in business.

The retailer originally called New York’s Bowery neighborhood home and it continues operating a Manhattan store, although now on East 57 Street. Hammacher Schlemmer has noted that it has continued to embrace the same essential strategy, to offer quality products, embrace innovation and provide superior customer service.

In recent weeks, the company has introduced The Phone Charging Wallet, with a battery to power Android or iOS devices, The Massaging Foot of the Bed Warmer, an electric vibrating personal heating device, and The Space Saving Shoe Carousel, a rotating rack with shelves that adjust vertically to hold high heels, flats, boots and gym shoes.

“One of the biggest reasons for our longevity is that we have never strayed from our mission of providing customers with truly unique, innovative products that solve problems,” said Nick DiMarco, general manager, Hammacher Schlemmer.