Hammacher Schlemmer Launches Bug Vacuum

Hammacher Schlemmer is offering help to consumers with pest problems. The retailer is launching The Best Bug Vacuum, a cordless product that has earned “The Best” rating from The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute because, in a test, it captured the most bugs in the shortest time and was easiest to handle versus similar products, noted the company.

In the test, The Best Bug Vacuum’s 15-watt motor generated suction that enabled it to capture 24 live crickets in only 15 seconds, nearly five times more than rival products, the retailer asserted.

The product’s telescoping tinted nozzle allows users to see that flies, bees, and spiders have been vacuumed up while at comfortable arm and nozzle length, Hammacher Schlemmer maintained. An electric grid in the unit’s handle kills insects on contact, unlike some bug vacs that merely stun pests. Users can dispose of captured insects easily by removing the extension tube. The vacuum’s suction cup tip compresses to accommodate tight corners. The vacuum runs for 10 minutes on a full charge and recharges automatically when set into its AC-powered dock.

Hammacher Schlemmer sells The Best Bug Vacuum for $64.95.

“The Best Bug Vacuum is unsurpassed at disposing of creepy crawlies and it’s far more convenient than swatting them with a rolled up newspaper,” said Hammacher Schlemmer’s general manager Fred Berns.