Hammer Stahl Introduces Customizable Cutlery Set

Hammer Stahl has introduced a five piece cutlery set with a knife block that can be customized based on a consumer’s cutlery preferences and budget.

The new preselected cutlery set includes the most essential knives needed to complete a home kitchen: an 8-inch chef knife, 3.5-inch paring knife, 8-inch bread knife and a 4.5-inch Santoku, as well as a 12-slot bamboo knife block. The set is made to be expanded upon so a consumer can add knives later on, or they can purchase the knife block separately and customize their own cutlery set unique to their individual cooking style.

“The concept is built around the fact that customers may have knives in their home that they love already. The customer may not just want one brand in their knife set, so this allows them to create a set that meets their needs,” said Bobby Griggs, vp/Hammer Stahl. “With this concept, they can build it with our products and with other brands as well. They can also customize their selection if they just want all Hammer Stahl knives. This gives them the versatility they may be looking for and it also fits their personality and what works for them.”

For consumers interested in expanding their cutlery selection, Hammer Stahl’s 8-piece Completer set adds on a 4-piece steak set, 7-inch fillet knife, 7-inch vegetable cleaver, kitchen shears and 8-inch honing steel. The sets are available exclusively on the company’s website and will be available to retailers in the future.