Hammer Stahl Introduces Entertaining Series

Hammer Stahl is introducing the Entertaining Series and is marking the launch with a special January promotion designed to drive consumers to specialty gourmet retailers, the company said.

The new line includes 4- and 5-quart stock pots, a 2.5-quart utility pan, and electric slow cooker base that can be combined with any of these items. According to the company, each piece is versatile and can be used on its own or in conjunction with the slow cooker base. Each piece can double for serving purposes.

“We want to help our retailers encourage customers to cook at home more with products that help make food prep easy and enjoyable. Hammer Stahl is offering savings on our new slow cooker and entertaining series throughout January. Our retail partners will be able to offer consumers up 25% off, giving their customers a superb product at a great value and increasing their margins,” said Bobby Griggs, vp/Hammer Stahl.