Harold Import Rolls Out Marcato Pasta Machines

Harold Import Co. has rolled out two new pasta machines from its Marcato assortment, the Otello pasta machine and the Atlas 150 pasta machine.

The Marcato Otello pasta machine is a limited-edition Italian design with a classic vintage look, the company said. It features anodized aluminum alloy rollers, resistant polymer resin combs, and removable resin scrapers for better cleaning. Additionally, an adjustable dial changes dough thickness in seven different options. It is available in two colors, gun metal and copper bronze.

The Atlas 150 pasta machine makes three authentic Italian pasta shapes including lasagna, fettuccine and tagliolini and the dial adjusts to 10 dough settings. Now available in copper bronze, the set includes the pasta machine, one pasta cutter, hand crank, clamp, instructions and recipe book. The machine is equipped for the pasta drive motor, which is sold separately.

HIC is the exclusive supplier of Marcato in the U.S.