Harris Poll Signals Shift Towards Online Shopping For Personal Care Products

A recent Harris Poll reported that 14% of consumers made more online cosmetics and grooming product purchases this year than in the last two to three years. According to the poll’s organizers, these results indicate that it may be only a matter of time before sales from online merchants begin to top in-store purchases.

That being said, the Harris Poll also reported that cosmetic and grooming purchases are still being made primarily in brick-and-mortar stores. Big box retail stores, pharmacies and grocery stores/supermarkets were cited as the top three purchasing channels, respectively.

Further, the poll asked participants about their online shopping experiences. Product reviews were a popular, positive feature, with 57% of those polled stating that they like the ability to read the feedback provided by reviews.

However, when it comes to making first time purchases, the poll reported a few drawbacks to Internet shopping. About 62% of participants said that since computer screen colors can vary, they feel it is still important to buy first time cosmetics and grooming products in person, with 69% agreeing that they also prefer to shop in person for new products that they would like to try.

Overall, The Harris Poll noted that cost is still an important driving factor for consumers, with 88% of participants agreeing that once they do find a personal care product they like, they will shop for it wherever they can get the best price.