Hayneedle Partners With Plus-Size Fashion Site Dia&Co

In a cross product category initiative, Hayneedle has partnered with Dia&Co, a designer and e-tailer of plus-size fashions, in an initiative that will establish promotional links between the businesses.

To launch the partnership, Hayneedle and Dia&Co teamed up for theCurveycon, a fashion week event in New York. At the event, the companies told HomeWorld Business that Hayneedle developed curated presentations that reflected launching Dia&Co fashions both in common areas of the show and in a dedicated guest green room where the two companies created images to highlight their efforts.

Hayneedle graphic designer and stylist Mary Allen used Dia&Co’s new fall fashion collections as inspiration for the design of the guest green room and the four common-area style lounges for the event to capture the vibe of five unique sets of runway looks. Guests at theCurveycon got a chance to interact with and snap pictures of their favorite scenes, which they could share on social media with hashtags such as #fashionyourfurniture.

Hayneedle, which is increasingly focusing and refining its presentation of housewares and home goods, established its relationship with Dia&Co to further the company’s goals of enhancing its relationships with core customers by providing still another way for them to simply and directly connect with relevant products.

The two companies will promote connection with each other’s websites. Already, Hayneedle has mounted shop-the-look presentations on its site that graphically compare home fashion presentations with Dia&Co looks.