Healthier Home Environment Promoted By Stadler Form

Gearing up for the fall and winter seasons, Stadler Form is adding to its line of home environment and wellness related products designed to create a healthier atmosphere wherever consumers find themselves.

Among the products the company is promoting, as Stadler Form describes them:

Selina. Designed and engineered in Switzerland, the sleek, 0.16-inch wide hygrometer measures temperature and humidity. Suggested retail price is $49.99.

Jerry. What Stadler Form calls the smallest ultrasonic portable personal humidifier on the market, the 6.5-ounce product is designed for use with a standard water bottle. SRP is $49.99.

Aquila. A 2.4-pound ultrasonic humidifier sized for rooms up to 250 square feet, and, so, for bedrooms, offices and other relatively small rooms, the unit includes a demineralization cartridge to suppress white dust as well as a patented ionic silver cube to inhibit the proliferation of mold spores and other allergens. SRP is $89.99.

Jasmine. An ultrasonic aroma diffuser, small and discrete enough to place on a bookshelf or table corner, the product releases the aroma of any essential oil via continuous or 20 minute interval runs. SRP is $59.99.