Healthy Cooking, Durability Drive New Trudeau Cookware

CHICAGO— Known for its selection of bakeware, kitchen tools and gadgets, Trudeau is taking its brand into a new direction, launching into the cookware category. The company will be launching two new cookware collections at The Inspired Home Show in Chicago, which are slated to roll out to the independent gourmet housewares channel later this year.

The company’s Pure cookware assortment is a ceramic-coated collection that is designed for high performance with limited amounts of oil, the company said. Trudeau’s Heroic cookware collection is heavy-duty cookware that is as hard as stainless steel, according to the company.

HOMEWORLD BUSINESS®ꪪ spoke to Manuela Jarry, Trudeau’s product development manager, about the two new lines of cookware and why the company feels like now is the right time to launch into the category.

HomeWorld Business: What is behind Trudeau launching cookware in the market?

Manuela Jarry: In its 130 years of operation, Trudeau has grown and changed with the market and continues to evolve. Having been in the kitchen for so many years, cookware is a natural complement to our product offering. It was important to us that we be able to supply consumers with a product offering that lived up to the Trudeau level of quality expectations at a competitive price. Now that we are established in areas like baking, our in-house design and product development team along with industry veterans collaborated to bring this product category to life. We have the confidence that we are launching products that will provide consumers with a positive experience where quality and great value come together.

HWB: Trudeau has gained a reputation for its innovation in bakeware, especially silicone. How do you feel the cookware launch will continue that mission?

MJ: Cookware certainly is a natural extension of bakeware and of our other cooking categories like fondue and electric grills. Our approach has always been one of quality and positive consumer experience, and this will continue with cookware. Whether you are flipping a pancake in a Trudeau fry pan or unmolding a cupcake from a silicone muffin pan, we hope consumers will find the same enjoyment and appreciate the attention we put into making the products easy to use and reliable.

HWB: What were some of the challenges while developing the cookware? 

MJ: There are many directions possible in the development of cookware and staying on-brand and pertinent amidst all of the options available on the market can be challenging. We performed many tests and market studies in order to ensure we were always making the right decisions, and a clear vision and strategy led us to a finished product that aligns perfectly with our brand.

HWB: Can you tell us about the Heroic cookware line and why you feel the line fills a need in the market?

MJ: The Heroic collection is a workhorse, designed to last. It features Resistech technology, which gives the forged aluminum pans the extra strength and durability of hard anodized, with the convenience of a fully dishwasher safe product. The interior and exterior are coated in a triple-layer non-stick, adding to its ease-of-use and making cleanup effortless. All products are oven safe, with riveted stainless steel handles and impact bonded induction bases for additional strength and warp resistance.

HWB: The Pure cookware line speaks
to healthy eating
trends. Why do you feel this line will strike a chord with consumers?

MJ: Consumers are health-conscious, and their buying habits reflect this. It made sense for us to provide a clean, chemical-free cookware solution with the qualities of heavy-duty cookware. Not only is Trudeau Pure cookware a healthy choice, but it will also last for years. It features the latest technology of ceramic coatings with superior resistance to thermal shock, great non-stick properties, and Resistech technology. PFOA-, PTFE-, lead- and cadmium free, it also features impact bonded induction bases for additional strength and warp resistance.

HWB: Can you talk about the marketing strategies behind the cookware— Heroic is tough and Pure is healthy— and why you feel like the differentiation was necessary?

MJ: Although both collections have similar features in terms of construction and durability, they cater to different needs and values. When making a purchase in cookware, the type of coating is an important factor that’s taken into consideration, thus the importance of having a clear message on both our options.