Helen Of Troy Launches Honeywell-Branded Sleep Fan

With a focus on helping consumers have a better night’s sleep, the new Honeywell DreamWeaver Sleep Fan uses a combination of sound and airflow that is said by the company to create the optimal sleep environment.

The new fan uses pink noise, a sound frequency that company officials said is optimized for relaxation while providing sound blocking benefits that is said to help promote a deep, more restorative sleep. The patent-pending design is said to maintain a constant pink noise sound and has an adjustable airflow shutter that can be left open for cooling and closed on colder nights.

“After researching the most beneficial sounds to sleep with, we found that pink noise provides a soothing sound, helping to create a relaxing environment for those who struggle with falling and staying asleep, allowing them the ability to take control and create a better sleep surrounding,” said Brett Mikolajczyk, product engineer at Helen of Troy Health & Home. “Pink noise is a mix of high and low frequencies that sounds more balanced than white noise.”

Examples of pink noise in nature include falling rain or ocean waves. In recent studies, pink noise was found to improve the duration of deep sleep and adults who listened to pink noise overnight performed better on memory tests the next morning, company officials said.

Key features of the Honeywell DreamWeaver Sleep Fan include an auto shut-off timer, four light dimming settings and the ability to oscillate and pivot to allow consumers to choose the direction of the airflow. The compact design is easily portable and fits on a nightstand, dresser, desk or the floor.