Hestan Launches Smart Cooking System

Hestan has launched the Hestan Cue, a guided cooking system connected via Bluetooth technology. Cue’s connected pan, induction burner and recipe app act as a coach in the kitchen, guiding users through each phase of the cooking process, the company said.

“Cooking and plating the elegant meals we enjoy at our favorite restaurants is something home cooks aspire to, but the outcome between home cooking and fine dining often feels miles apart,” said Christoph Milz, managing director, Hestan smart cooking. “We saw an opportunity to close the gap by using technology to enhance the cooking experience for everyone, regardless of skill level. By gathering a team of accomplished chefs, designers and engineers, we developed a smart connected system that enables home cooks to enjoy the art of cooking new dishes they didn’t dream possible.”

Central to the Hestan Cue system is the iOS and Android app which acts as the command center for the entire connected cooking process. From Michelin-star chefs, kitchens and food scientists comes a calibrated library currently stocked with recipes, and new ones are continually being added.

The Hestan Cue smart cooking system is now available at Williams Sonoma for a suggested retail price of $649.99. The system comes equipped with an 11-inch fry pan and 1,600-watt portable induction burner. The Cue app is available for download on iOS and Android smartphones and tablet devices.