HIC Grows Baking Niche With Beyond Gourmet Brand

LAKEWOOD, NJ— The newly acquired Beyond Gourmet brand will fill a baking and cooking accessory niche at Harold Import Co., company officials said.

HIC purchased Beyond Gourmet, an eco-friendly manufacturer of unbleached cooking and baking products, such as parchment papers, baking cups, cheese cloths and coffee filters, from A.V. Olsson Trading Company. 

According to Robert Laub, president, Harold Import Co., the procurement of Beyond Gourmet is a natural fit as the companies have worked closely together in the past and both focus on offering quality housewares

“The Beyond Gourmet brand fits strongly into our brand profile of offering high quality products at a great value. What makes Beyond Gourmet an ideal match for our company is the fact that since the beginning, they have infused real quality into their products, ensuring that they are not eco-washing their claims, but living up to those standards,” he said. 

Laub noted that the bakeware and kitchenware from Beyond Gourmet offer a complement to many of HIC’s offerings, which he hopes will add to continued brand growth in the marketplace. He also said that the acquisition will allow HIC to control the direction of the Beyond Gourmet brand, touting the company’s expertise and capabilities
in product development.

Laub said that not only were the products a good fit for HIC’s portfolio, but the company cultures were aligned, making the acquisition almost seamless. 

“As a leading brand in the category, Beyond Gourmet stands for many of the same ideals we do, including maintaining the authenticity of the brand and the quality level. We have always admired the company’s steadfast determination to those quality and environmental beliefs. Beyond Gourmet has never retreated backwards and sourced products differently— maintaining their level of quality and integrity, even as competitors came to the market. They have never traded down the quality and integrity of the brand simply to compete on price,” he said. 

Laub said that HIC saw growth potential in its previous distribution of Beyond Gourmet to its customers.

“Through the years, we have brought several strong product development ideas to Beyond Gourmet, and those have been introduced to the market. We are excited about the potential of the line and are actively pursuing the development of more products that fit within the profile of the brand,” he said. 

According to Laub, the future for Beyond Gourmet as part of HIC is as much about communication and integrity as it is about offering quality products. 

“In the future, we see additions in both paper baking and coffee categories, which are diverse and strong categories within our existing brands. We will continue to maintain the integrity of the brand, and will continue to develop new products. Additionally, we will ensure open communication to our customer base, from the consumer side or retail side. Our advantage is that we can leverage our own brands, and tap into our own brand experts, to advise us about product development going forward,” he said.