High Point Adds Diverse Exhibitors For Spring Market

The High Point Market Authority has added several new exhibitors ready to debut at the Spring High Point Market.

HPMA noted that among the exhibitors who will take a first-time position at the April 14 to 18 show is Consort, a new furniture supplier that takes a hip but pragmatic approach to its product line. From designers Mat Sanders and Brandon Quattrone, Consort will offer a 44-item collection in the market’s InterHall Space focused on comfortable and accessible furniture.

StoreBound will spotlight the Sobro table. Launched via the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo in March 2017, Sobro gained 2,000 backers pledging about $1.5 million to bring the multi-functional cocktail table to form. Designed to suit digital lifestyles, it debuts as the potential inspiration for a collection of smart home inspired furnishings that the StoreBound design team envisions.

Danish brand Vita Copenhagen is making strides with its High Point introduction of a furnishings collection set for the North American market. The company designed the collection for urban living but with a Scandinavian flavor. Vita Copenhagen products also feature tailored packaging solutions as the company takes pains to manage its environmental footprint.