Hiroia To Debut Automatic Pour Over Brewer In U.S.

Hiroia, a joint venture between Hario, a Japanese manual coffee brewer manufacturer and Proch, a Taiwanese manufacturer, will debut the smart-enabled Samantha automatic pour over brewer in the U.S.

The brewer was introduced in Taiwan in 2018 and allows consumers to control their coffee brewing using the Samantha smartphone app. The technology is said to build upon the platform that Hario established with its Smart 7 brewer.

Consumers can control the water temperature, volume, flow rate and interval time, in order to create their own coffee recipes. The pour over features15 different flow rates available to use throughout the brew. Coffee recipes can be stored in the app for use at a later time.

Hiroia also recently brought the Jimmy detachable smart coffee scale to the U.S. market. The scale is designed to be used for both espresso and pour over brewing methods, enabling the consumer to monitor extraction and brewing times and record coffee ground weights.