50 Strong Brings U.S.-Made Bottles To Chicago

50 Strong, a brand from a second generation U.S. plastics manufacturer, is bringing its assortment to the International Home + Housewares Show for the first time. The hydration brand has had nationwide distribution at Walmart, but the company aims to expand its brand partnership with additional retailers.

The company is going to make a Made in the USA statement at its booth, showcasing a flag made out of red, white and blue bottles.

“We are seeing a climate change to made in the USA products. It’s becoming more popular and it’s a competitive advantage for us,” said 50 Strong CEO Ashley Thompson. “We have a nimbleness and we can change with the trends or change a specific design very quickly.”

A Mix It Up bottle is specifically designed with a no slip comfort grip. Its patent pending Tornado Mixer agitator produces a cyclonic mixing action, lifting powder from the bottom of the bottle and breaking up clumps. The Pocket Mixer is specially designed with a “no slip pocket grip” to conveniently hold a credit card, cash, keys or a single serve packet of the consumer’s favorite drink powder.