Gibson Grows Crock-Pot, Oster Cookware Collections

Gibson Overseas is offering new cookware from several of its major collections at the International Home + Housewares Show. The company has pieces from its Crock-Pot and Oster lines, as well as its Weight Watchers collaboration.

The Crock-Pot Artisan Collection includes Gibson’s cast iron offerings that are designed to supply the consumer with versatility, durability and cooking performance, according to the company. The collection features a wide range of cooking vessels including Dutch ovens, braisers, deep sauté pans, skillets, grill pans and lasagna pans in a variety of enamel finishes that include scarlet red, slate gray, teal ombre, sunset orange and a pre-seasoned black.

Gibson Overseas is also showcasing the Oster Cookware line, which includes its high-end Oster Cuisine line, its Oster Cocina collection, aimed at meeting the needs of Hispanic cooking, and its classic Oster selection. The Oster Cocina 9-piece San Jacinto cookware set includes pieces like a square griddle pan and milk pot that are used in Hispanic cooking.

Combined with an eco-friendly ceramic, non-stick interior and vivid red and teal speckled finishes, this cookware brings a touch of flavor to any kitchen, the company said. The Oster Cuisine 10-piece Brawley cookware set is made of durable hard anodized aluminum and double rivet silicone handles. The versatile set includes everything from a Dutch oven to steamer. Dellwood, a 9-piece set from Oster, is designed to bring rustic style to the kitchen.