HOLD: New iCoffee Ad Campaign Features SpinBrew Challenge

ICoffee is launching an advertising campaign that will include television commercials featuring consumers participating in the iCoffee SpinBrew Challenge.

The initial commercials will show consumers at the North Market in Columbus, OH, participating in a blind taste test of coffee made from iCoffee’s Opus single-serve unit and Keurig’s K-500 2.0 brewer.

According to iCoffee officials, participants were presented with freshly brewed coffee from each brewer using the same nationally recognized brand of K-Cup and asked which cup of coffee they preferred.

In the test, more than 65% of participants preferred the taste of the coffee made in the iCoffee brewer with SpinBrew Technology, iCoffee officials said.

“This experiment proved what we have long believed,” said Bruce Burrows, inventor and CEO of iCoffee. “Our iCoffee brewers with SpinBrew Technology produce a smoother, more flavorful cup of coffee that coffee lovers simply prefer over that of our competitors.”

ICoffee’s SpinBrew feature uses a needle with jets to spin, steam and stir the coffee inside any k-compatible cup. Company claim said the SpinBrew creates a “mini French press-like effect” said to release all the coffee’s aroma and flavor while minimizing bitter or acidic aftertaste.