Widgeteer Debuts Snips Food Storage Brand

Widgeteer Inc. is debuting a new food specific storage brand to the U.S., Snips, at the International Home + Housewares Show.

Widgeteer seeks out companies outside of the U.S. interested in an exclusive marketing and sales agreement for North America that have products that are innovative and that have the ability to be quick to respond to Widgeteer’s needs, and the needs of its retail partners.

The company’s newest brand partnership is with Snips, a company based south of Milan, which got its name from its namesake scissors line. Since its inception, Snips has aimed to “incorporate innovative Italian design into consumer driven household products.” Every product is also Italian made and manufactured.

Widgeteer will spotlight the brand’s food storage and serving items, with distinct designs it can establish through the use of injection molding labeling technology. One of the items of note is a 28-count cupcake holder, with 14 cupcakes per layer, which snap together at the bottom in a patented process. Snips also offers a variety of storage solutions for specific food uses, such as a garlic keeper, cheese saver, or banana guard.