Holstein Launches Kitchen Tool Assortment

Holstein Housewares has launched a line of kitchen gadgets and tools designed to complement its treat makers and kitchen appliances.
According to Holstein Housewares co-founder Vanessa Valera, the kitchen tools in the new line are designed to be comfortable, stylish and efficient. “Every gadget in the new line is made to help you enjoy your time in the kitchen as much as you can. They‘re easy to use, easy to clean, and work well with any style,” said Valera.

The Batter Bottle, now available in red, allows users to pour batter directly into the silicone container, and onto appliances for making flat pancakes, fluffy cupcakes and round cake pops. The bottle can hold up to three cups of batter and includes measuring marks for pouring.

Along with the Batter Bottle, the line also includes whisks, pizza cutters, tongs, and more than 25 other gadgets. Each kitchen tool is heat-resistant, stainless steel, and includes a silicone handle for comfort.

The new line of Holstein kitchen tools and gadgets is available now.