Holstein’s Cupcake Maker Featured On Rachael Ray Show

Holstein Housewares’ Cupcake Maker was among the stars recently as part of the “Epic Cupcake Battle” on the Nov. 2 episode of the Rachael Ray Show.

According to Holstein, the Cupcake Maker was seen as part of a segment that featured Ray, and Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs of the popular CBS sitcom “2 Broke Girls.” The three were competing to see who could be the first to whip up a batch of cupcakes.

Running about 75-seconds, the quick and messy competition shows each participant haphazardly mixing several ingredients in a stand mixer, placing the mixture into baking pans and then into an oven.

During the segment, Ray discussed Holstein’s Cupcake Maker and the benefits it offers over traditional methods of making cupcakes. Each member of the studio audience also received a Cupcake Maker.

“Since its debut, the ‘Rachel Ray Show’ has garnered three Daytime Emmys and consistently draws in over two million viewers,” said Vanessa Valera, co-founder of Holstein Housewares. “Being showcased in such a medium is the kind of publicity you dream about. We feel extremely honored to have been chosen.”