Home Fashion Design Trends Drive Mastercraft Lighting

HIGH POINT, NC— When considering introductions for the Spring High Point Market, Mastercraft had its sights on hitting specific popular styles.

Among the focus on home fashion favorites the company developed for presentation in its High Point Market showroom were Modern Farmhouse, Glam and Global/Nomadic.

The company developed the model TXG022341 table lamp with a stout ribbed glass body as a means of adding visual interest to a classic shape as part of the farmhouse offering.

The model TXG022158V001 table lamp features a wood finish spindle body enclosed in a curvilinear glass shell.

In addition, as part of the farmhouse offering, Mastercraft developed the model TWC022178 table lamp as a textured glazed ceramic piece and the 64.74-inch high model FXP020901V001 floor lamp as an antique-look, wood finish design with a mid-body small round shelf.

In one example of Mastercraft’s efforts in the glam trend dimension, the model TXG022255 table lamp has a gold ball and base that play off a white ribbed elliptical globe set between them. In another, the model TXP022465 tall, at 34.5 inches, table lamp combines a classic silhouette and gold accents to get a stylish effect.

In what Mastercraft describes as a global/nomadic style, the model TWY022474 rattan table lamp has a cagey design as if it were an inverted, open weave basket.

The model TXP022258V001 column table lamp offers a jungle overlapping leaf construction. Otherwise, in global, the model TXP022212V001 table lamp has a base that resembles a concrete architectural decoration and the model WXG022170V001 pendant has a 6.75-inch tinted glass shade.