HomeGoods Survey: Home Decor Can Influence Consumer Mood

HomeGoods has announced that a survey of consumers in the United States that it sponsored demonstrated that home decor can influence consumer mood. The retailer also detailed ways consumers can update room décor to help elevate the way they feel.

According to HomeGoods, the survey findings demonstrated that 93% of Americans felt a room’s decor could positively or negatively affect someone’s mood. In addition, 77% of survey respondents said at least one room in their home needed decorating attention.

Among other findings, survey results indicated that a better mood doesn’t have to come at a big price as 99% of respondents felt that simple decor updates, such as improved lighting, stylish organizational solutions and decorative accents, could make them feel happier without breaking the bank. That recognition is important, HomeGoods related, because 54% of Americans haven’t made the decor changes they want because they think the effort would be too expensive.

Based on survey insights, HomeGoods created six “happy home resolutions” to demonstrate easy and affordable ways consumers can incorporate small changes that can boost their mood, the retailer related.

Incorporate personal touches. Half of respondents said they had at least one room in their homes that felt unfinished even though fully furnished. Choosing decor touches that reflect personal style can help consumers create a finished look that will give them a lift whenever they walk into the space.

Bedrooms can benefit most from small changes. Bedroom decor most negatively impacts people’s moods, as 48% of survey participants who would like to improve their decor felt that the bedroom would benefit most from minor updates. Fresh bedding, a lighting change or just adding some colorful pillows can brighten a room without breaking the bank.

Better lighting makes a big difference. Among those Americans who have a room that negatively affects how they feel, 46% said they felt that better lighting could improve mood. With shorter fall days and the impact of daylight savings time changes, lighting can be a powerful influenced on mood, and not only in terms of illumination, as reflections of personal style can boost consumer mood.

Decorative accents can provide a boost of happy. When it comes to decorative accessories, 37% of those with a room that negatively affects their mood felt adding an accent piece or related product would have a positive impact on mood. Each room in a home gives consumers an opportunity to create a unique space, so bringing in bold decorative accessories that are unique and surprising can make a room feel fresh.

Pops of color can boost happiness. When it comes to consumers who have a negatively affective room, 39% felt that updating a color palette would elevate mood. Rather than taking on a painting project, however, consumers can simply and affordably add color though pillows, glassware, wall art and accent furniture to cheer up a room.