HomeGoods Survey Reveals Décor, Mood Link

FRAMINGHAM, MA— HomeGoods recently released results of a survey it sponsored, asserting that the mood of many consumers in the U.S. is influenced by home décor.

So, at a recently visited store in New York, HomeGoods merchandising demonstrated that the company is prepared to help consumers fulfill “six happy resolutions” that it suggested could turn the survey results into action.

HomeGoods stated that, according to the survey findings, 93% of Americans felt a room’s décor could positively or negatively affect someone’s mood while 77% said at least one room in their home needed decorating attention.

The survey went on to maintain that 99% of respondents felt that simple décor updates, such as improved lighting, stylish organizational solutions or decorative accents, could make them feel happier without breaking the bank. In its way, HomeGoods, an offpricer and cousin to T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, hinted that it could provide a solution to consumers who aren’t happy parting with too much of their money even to feel better, and the retailer pointed out that 54% of survey respondents haven’t made the décor changes they want because they think the effort would be too expensive. 

Like its fashion cousins, HomeGoods is positioning itself as an alternative to those who want to shop as a means of brightening their lives but in accordance with a frugal discipline. So, according to the retailer, its stores stand ready, with corresponding merchandising, to help consumers act on those happy resolutions, and suggested how shoppers could rev up a residence.

Of respondents to the HomeGoods survey who felt décor can improve mood, 48% said the boudoir could benefit most from a bit of sprucing up, and the retailer has suggested that an update with textiles is one potential ticket to a lively space and splashing around some accent furniture is another.

Of Americans who said they have a room that negatively affects how they feel, 46% said they felt that better lighting could improve mood, and a variety of illumination provides shoppers with choice that can make them feel brighter fast.

When it comes to enlivening a room atmosphere, 37% of those with a room that negatively affects their mood felt that splashing around decorative accessories would have an invigorating impact on mood. 

Many consumers who have a room that negatively effects disposition, and, of those, 39% felt that updating a color palette would elevate mood. HomeGoods aims to make that easier by conspicuously presenting inexpensive products in stylish hues.

Half of survey respondents said they had at least one room in their homes that felt unfinished even though fully furnished, but, by adding décor touches that reflect personal sensibility on a permanent or rotating basis, consumers can complete a look by reflecting resident personality. 

Not all consumers who felt décor could impact mood wanted to pretty up their homes as much as
organize them, but by adding fashionable storage choices, HomeGoods maintained that efficient and attractive items might have the best effect.