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HomeWorld Census 2018: Hot Home Storage Segments

This is part one of a special, six-part web series showcasing exclusive data and analysis from the HomeWorld Business Housewares Census 2018. This series, sponsored by The National Hardware Show, examines the retail sales performance of housewares categories that play a prominent role in the home improvement retailing channel. Scroll through charts by clicking on the arrow icons. Click here to receive the complete HomeWorld Business Housewares Census 2018.

Overall, storage and organization fared well in 2017, as consumers continue to become more vigilant than ever on keeping their home well organized. Not only does an organized home help with busy lifestyles, it is also a helpful way for consumers to save money, as they are not making additional purchases just because they can’t find an item they already have.

When it comes to food storage, price continues to be the biggest factor in which containers consumers purchase, stated retailers. However, glass food storage, which carries a higher pricepoint continues to trend up. Consumers are attracted to glass as it can serve multiple purposes, as it can also be used to bake and serve and is dishwasher and freezer safe.

*Source: HomeWorld estimates.

The laundry accessory segment witnessed growth, especially as consumers continue to save money by minding their electric bills. Drying clothes on a drying rack versus an electric dryer saves money, energy and is overall kinder to the environment.

In plastic storage, modular plastic drawers and totes that can be stacked to take up a vertical spot in the room continue to be important. These prove beneficial throughout the home such as in the bathroom, kid’s playroom, garage and home offices for a versatile storage solution.

Finally, in the indoor trash can category, a fast growing category this year, has seen a boost from touchless step cans in premium finishes such as stainless steel or bronze. These options meet consumer preferences for innovative functions and design aesthetics.

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