HomeWorld Census 2018: Plastic Storage Continues Growth

This is part two of a special, six-part web series showcasing exclusive data and analysis from the HomeWorld Business Housewares Census 2018. This series, sponsored by The National Hardware Show, examines the retail sales performance of housewares categories that play a prominent role in the home improvement retailing channel. Scroll through charts by clicking on the arrow icons. Click here to receive the complete HomeWorld Business Housewares Census 2018.

Plastic storage witnessed a slight increase in 2017, despite the modest price increase of resin prices in the latter half of the year due to Hurricane Harvey. Retailers reported that the increase in storage was buoyed by the consumer quest to organize their home effectively and efficiently. As such, vendors have answered that call by offering consumers innovation via new shapes, sizes and specialty items.

Solutions-based merchandising with a lifestyle bent at retail continues to attract consumers, said vendors. The importance of curating a collection of solutions in an attractive yet informative way has helped retailers reach consumers in a more engaging way.

*Source: HomeWorld estimates.
**Source: HomeWorld Forecast Consumer Survey

Consumers are seeking out more decorative storage than ever before, especially as open plan homes continue to be popular. Decorative storage selections have also become more important to consumers who are including their organizational goods on active surfaces, rather than hiding them under sinks or in a le cabinet. Some of the designs that made a splash at retailers this year include a basket weave motif translated into plastic, or plastic totes with fashion patterns on them.

As a variety of consumers also continue to downsize their living quarters, modular plastic drawers and totes that can be stacked to take up a vertical spot in the room continue to be important. These designs prove beneficial throughout the home such as in the bathroom, kid’s playroom, garage and home offices.

Another important segment of this category is seasonal and holiday related storage. Consumers are keen on protecting their holiday decorations and preserving them for as long as possible, suggested retailers. Therefore, products that house specific items such as extra long wrapping paper rolls, large wreath boxes and compartmentalized ornament storage have emerged as top sellers.

From a retail perspective, storage has seen an increase in vertical channels such as grocery, where retailers have brought in larger programs.

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