HOMEWORLD EXCLUSIVE: Are ‘Influencers’ Swaying The Score Of Online Consumer Reviews?

The March 2 issue of HomeWorld Business explores the increasingly critical, and sometimes controversial, role of social media marketing, including efforts to influence product reviews and ratings.

Businesses, retailers included, recognize that they face challenges and potential criticism by engaging in social media marketing. Still, businesses want to reach consumers who are employing new and rapidly changing methods of seeking information about products and services by engaging in social media initiatives.

As the story notes:

“Some, including Keurig, already have gotten a taste of how navigation of that particular communications channel can prove choppy, and others including Nordstrom, Inc. and Village Green Network, an organization active in social media marketing, have even had to deal with a United States Federal Trade Commission that is revisiting its approach to elements such as endorsements, in working out appropriate ways to conduct social media marketing.”

For more analysis of online consumer reviews, ratings, the influencer industry and the developing world of social media marketing, please see the cover story, The Rating Game, in the March 2 issue of HomeWorld Business.