Housekeeper Crockery Enters Cookware Segment

Housekeeper Crockery is entering the cookware segment. The line, which is U.S.-made, contains an array of cookware pieces, including a copper pot and a cast iron skillet.

Sara Dahmen, founder of the company, said the assortment was founded on the desire to bring artisan goods back into the kitchen. Dahmen explained that she sourced American companies for the products, but prioritized local and Midwestern family-owned and operated artisans whenever possible.

“There were a lot of cold calls, a lot of experimental questions,” Dahmen said.”Not only did we find vendors who are generous with their knowledge and willing to try our design ideas, but we also love that we can support these families who are working hard to keep their own businesses and particular trade alive.”

In cookware, Housekeeper Crockery offers both a seasoned and raw-oiled cast iron skillet as well as a 3-quart copper pot, 2-quart copper pot and a copper lid. The company also sells tableware, accessories and kitchen textiles.