Housewares Vet Barriga Launches Zavor

Housewares industry veteran Patricio Barriga has launched Zavor, a new housewares company that currently includes electric multi-cookers, stovetop pressure cookers and induction cooktops.

The founding of Zavor comes several months after Barriga’s previous company, Fagor America, went out of business. However, during that time, he kept the lines of communication open with several key retail customers who encouraged him to move forward with the new company.  

“This is a tremendous opportunity to re-establish ourselves,” said Barriga.

Zavor’s management team includes former members of Fagor America: Sara de la Hera, vp/sales and marketing and Trisia Barriga, communications manager.

In September, Zavor stovetop pressure cookers were slated to hit store shelves at Macy’s and Bed Bath & Beyond, with the former carrying the Elite pressure cooker and the latter offering its customers the Versa Express pressure cooker.

In addition to the units that Macy’s and Bed Bath & Beyond will carry exclusively, Zavor’s stovetop pressure cooker assortment also includes the Duo, EZLock and ZPot units. On the electrics side, the company’s initial assortment will include the Lux multi-cooker, Lux Edge multi-cooker, Lux LCD multi-cooker, Select pressure cooker and induction Pro cooktop.

Company officials said Zavor products will also be sold in the independent housewares retail channel as well.