Houzz Study Finds Kitchen Remodels Top Homeowner Renovation

More than half of homeowners renovated their homes in 2014, a recent Houzz & Home Survey found, and the most popular area of the home to remodel was the kitchen. The survey, the fourth annual “Overview of U.S. Renovation, Custom Building & Decorating,” was published today and analyzed results from over 170,000 U.S. respondents.

Kitchens continue to be the most popular interior remodeling project among all age groups, with nearly one-third of homeowners tackling this room in 2014, the survey found. 

Millennial homeowners, who were just as likely to remodel their kitchens as other homeowners, spent an average of $26,300 on major remodels of a large kitchen (more than 201 square feet), and $16,100 for major remodels of a small kitchen (less than 201 square feet).

By comparison, younger Baby Boomers spent an average of $45,200 on major remodels of a large kitchen and $38,700 for major remodels of a small kitchen. When it comes to minor kitchen remodels, Millennials spent $5,100 on average for a small kitchen and $7,500 for a large kitchen, the study found.

In addition to remodels, which the study defines as a project that does not increase the overall home footprint, the study also looked at homeowners who redesigned the space in 2014. While nearly half of all respondents noted that they redesigned their living/family room in 2014, only 22% of respondents said they redesigned their kitchens.

In looking at the 60+ respondents, a significant share made structural changes, such as reconfiguring the layout (28%), widening hallways and/or doorways (16%), and changing the kitchen location altogether to improve accessibility (6%), the study found.