Houzz: Consumers Embracing Smart Home Technology

Houzz’s recent home trends survey identified a growing consumer awareness and integration of smart home technology when it comes to home renovations and remodeling.

The survey revealed that 45% of renovating homeowners are incorporating smart technology, systems or devices into their home that can be monitored or controlled via smartphone, tablet or computer. Houzz’s 2016 U.S. Smart Home Trends Survey of nearly 1,000 homeowners in the midst of, planning, or who have recently completed a home renovation project, was conducted in collaboration with CEDIA.

According to the survey, renovated homes are more than twice as likely to include a smart system or device than before the renovation, 51% versus 20%, respectively. In terms of connected product category, the survey showed 25% of homeowners are installing smart devices for security and safety, 18% for entertainment, 14% for climate control and 12% for lighting. It also showed that 30% of upgraded smart home systems or devices can be controlled via a central hub and 26% include voice-controlled features.

The top smart security/safety devices include fire and gas alarms, and cameras in 9% of renovated homes, each, followed by motion, glass breakage and/or door sensors, door locks and/or video doorbells, 5% each. Additionally, 12% of renovated homes include a smart thermostat, and 40% of upgraded thermostats or temperature controls are smart. When it comes to lighting, 11% of renovated homes include smart indoor lighting, and 4% include smart outdoor lighting, the survey found.

Homeowners surveyed reported greater levels of satisfaction with their upgraded smart features than their non-smart features. “Our data shed light on how renovating homeowners are embracing smart technology,” said Nino Sitchinava, principal economist at Houzz. “These homeowners aim to improve the comfort, convenience, safety and energy usage of their home during their renovations, and smart technology appears to address many of their needs.”

The top challenges homeowners face when incorporating smart features into their homes are educating themselves about available product options and finding the right products or technology for their home, the survey revealed.

Sitchinava added, “While many homeowners report difficulty learning about and finding the right smart products to fit their needs, high levels of adoption and satisfaction among renovators are sound predictors of a wider reliance on these technologies among the general public in the near future.”