Humanscale Launches Vessel Lighting

Humanscale has acquired Vessel, an architectural lighting solution from designer Todd Bracher. A clear cylindrical light made of high quality quartz crystal, the lighting design provides glare-free light in a simple, refined form, the company said.

Architectural lighting is a new category for Humanscale, but the company offers task lighting for individual workstations.

With both pendant and sconce options, Vessel is suited for residential and hospitality settings as well as corporate environments. Easily installed as a single pendant or in large numbers as an extensive chandelier application, Vessel provides a sophisticated solution for installations, Humanscale asserted. The light throw, the company added, is optimal for dining tables in homes and restaurants and is calibrated to eliminate residual LED glare. Vessel is available to ship in May.

“Vessel aligns to the principles of performance and quality that are of significant importance to Humanscale and to myself,” Bracher said. “It does not represent a stylistic approach to lighting, but a scientific one, with a focus on physics and optical engineering.”