Humanscale Redesigns Monitor Arm Lineup

Humanscale is introducing a redesign of its best-selling line of monitor arms.

Ready to order now, the M2.1, M8.1 and M10 monitor arms can accommodate changes in how consumers work with technology today, Humanscale stated.

Monitor arms can promote healthier postures for computer users by reducing eye and neck strain even while they create more usable desk surface and mitigate clutter. As the workplace becomes more agile, with companies turning to hot desking, shared desks and co-working spaces, Humanscale redesigned the monitor arms to optimize the user experience with intuitive functionality, precise positioning and smooth movement, allowing computer users to personalize their work areas and be more comfortable, healthy and productive, according to the company.

The redesigned monitor arms feature patented weight-compensating spring technology, weight support up to 48 pounds and a precision bearing technology that provides adjustment. For added functionality, Humanscale Smart Stop technology stops the arm and monitor anywhere along its rotation to protect equipment and employees, and to prevent monitor or arm overhang on desk edges.