Huntkey Launches Air Purifier Lineup

Oucica, a subsidiary of Huntkey, has released its portable air purifiers for global markets. The air purifiers are integrated with photocatalyst and HEPA filters for high-level purification efficiency, the company said.

The company has developed a series of air purifiers including model KJ380 for large spaces for air disinfection and purification. The unit features a seven-stage filtration system, and three control modes, intelligent, manual and sleep.

In addition to large space air purifiers, Huntkey has introduced portable air purifiers. They are designed with a compact body and categorized into two series: a car air purifier and a desktop air purifier. The car air purifier is model CJ001, which is specially made for car drivers who care about the air quality inside their car. The desktop air purifier is model DJ010, which is ideal for working or living rooms.