Hurom Launches New Slow Juicer

Hurom has launched its model H-AI Slow Juicer, which is touted by the company as a self-feeding unit that is designed to simplify the cleaning process.

Among the key features is the self-feeding hopper that includes a spinning blade to move ingredients down into the double-winged auger, a 3-degree juicing chamber tilt and a vertical pulp collection chamber. In addition, the slow juicer’s Alpha+ technology includes a built-in hex connector that is said by the company to make the assembly process easier. The cog that controls the spinning brush and screen can also be removed to allow for proper cleaning.

The unit is equipped with a slow 60 RPM motor with quiet operation, separate 20 RPM screen with spinning brush rotation and a pulp discharge control lever.

The new Hurom slow juicer is offered in slate blue, platinum silver and rose gold. Suggested retail price is $699.