Hydros Launches Water Filtration Beverageware Line

Hydros, a water filtration brand, has launched a new line of filtering pitchers, carafes and bottles.

The line is said to feature patented and patent-pending technology that filters water five times faster than other water filters in a lightweight design, according to the company. The line includes a 64-ounce pitcher, a 40-ounce carafe and a 20-ounce bottle.

According to the company, the line features a combination of responsibly sourced stainless steel mesh and granulated activated carbon. It also features the company’s Fast Flo technology. The full line utilizes one Hydros multi-filter across all bottles, carafes and pitchers. All three vessels are manufactured with high-quality, lightweight, BPA-free plastic, and are available in six colors: gray, white, blue, red, jade and violet.

“We created Hydros because we believe consumers deserve a better, faster alternative to current solutions on the market,” said Winston Ibrahim, Hydros founder and CEO. “Getting more than eight glasses of water a day shouldn’t be a chore filled with clunky solutions that fail to meet the needs of a modern healthy lifestyle. We’ve joined the fast-growing $7 billion market to further this cause, with a commitment to do our part to improve the environment. and in doing so, we make it easy for consumers to do their part as well.”

The company also said it partners with water-preserving and clean ocean charities, donating a portion of sales in support of these causes. The 64-ounce pitcher carries a suggested retail price of $32; the 40-ounce carafe is $24; and the 20-ounce bottle is $20.