IBM Digital Analytics: Mobile Shopping Drives Christmas Online Sales Gains

According to IBM Digital Analytics, retailers enjoyed strong mobile-device sales on Christmas Day, Thursday, December 25 and overall Internet-based revenue gains. Online sales advanced 8.3% over Christmas Day 2013, the market research organization reported.

IBM added that mobile devices accounted for 57.1% of all online traffic on Christmas Day, up 18.6% year over year. Mobile sales accounted for 34.8% of all online sales on Christmas Day, a 20.4% gain versus the year-earlier holiday.

Average order value was $100.33, up 6.2% over 2013, IBM Digital Analytics noted. Shoppers purchased 3.5 items per order on average down 1.4%, the research firm added.

Smartphones drove 40.6% of total online traffic, more than two and a half times that of tablets. In all, tablets accounted for 15.9% of all online traffic. Still, tablet sales accounted for 18.4% of online sales while smartphones accounted for 16.3%, IBM Digital Analytics pointed out.