ICSC: Most Consumers Plan Thanksgiving Weekend Shopping

A Black Friday study by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) demonstrated that 71% of consumers in the United States plan to make holiday purchases over the Thanksgiving weekend period.

During the long weekend, according to the ICSC study, 60% of consumers plan to shop for home goods/housewares while 84% intend to purchase food and drink for holiday entertaining or gifts, 69% plan to purchase gift cards, 63% plan to purchase apparel and footwear, and 55% plan to purchase toys and non-video games.

In all, 59% plan to make a purchase at a physical store over the Thursday to Sunday Black Friday period, ICSC stated.

Consumer plans for Thanksgiving weekend shopping activity include store visits on: Thanksgiving Day, 15%; Black Friday, 41%; The Saturday and/or Sunday after Thanksgiving, 30%; Cyber Monday, 32%.

Cyber Monday is shaping up to be the second-most popular day for in-store shopping.

“Shoppers’ in-store plans for Cyber Monday shows the lines between the online and in-store retail experiences are continuing to blur,” said Jesse Tron, ICSC spokesperson. “In-store shopping remains the preeminent channel for transactions, but online retail is continuing to influence those transactions by offering added value to shoppers in the form of research, in-store pickup, and more.”

Consumers planning to make a purchase over Thanksgiving weekend said they would spend an average of $259 at retailers that have a physical presence, representing 73% of buying in the period, including 14% for online purchases that will be picked up in store, ICSC maintained. Four out of five shoppers, the organization noted, said they were likely to buy additional items when they go to retrieve their store-delivered item.

Surveyed consumers said they have budgeted 60% of their spend on holiday gifts for others, 29% on non-gift items for themselves and their household, and 11% on non-gift items for people not in their house.

According to ICSC, 80% of shoppers plan to use a mobile device during their Black Friday weekend excursions, with 56% saying they would do so to compare prices, 37% to view ratings or reviews, 36% to check availability/inventory, 36% to get digital discounts or coupons to use in store, and 27% to take pictures of items they’re thinking about purchasing.