IdeaVillage Widens TV-Driven Beauty Program

IdeaVillage has expanded its beauty product program anchored by Flawless by Finishing Touch hair removers with a new facial exfoliator and a spray-on hair thickening solution under the Hairology brand.

The original Flawless by Finishing Touch facial hair remover was joined in 2018 by the Flawless Legs and Flawless Brows models, each showcasing 18-karat gold-plated heads engineered for painless, long-lasting hair removal.

IdeaVillage reported the Flawless by Finishing Touch facial hair remover, now offered in a variety of colors, was a top retail seller in 2018 among retail women’s shaving appliances.

The DermaPlane manual facial exfoliator and hair remover is the latest addition to the Flawless by Finishing Touch program. DermaPlane manual applicators are designed to remove dead, dry skin and facial hair safely and quickly, helping to regenerate skin cells and facilitate application of makeup and topical creams. Each package contains four Flawless DermaPlanes: two with longer exfoliating heads for large areas; and two with shorter heads for small areas.
Hairology Natural Keratin Hair Thickening Fibers are designed to add volume instantly to thinning hair and to help conceal scalp. Hairology works by spraying on the hair thickening fibers offered for several hair colors; and then by applying a hair fiber holding spray packaged separately.