Igloo Introduces Licensed Disney, Nickelodeon Coolers

Igloo Products Corp. has introduced several new licensed cooler collaborations with Disney and Viacom Nickelodeon Consumer Products.

The company has rolled out a Playmate cooler collection featuring Nickelodeon’s iconic character, SpongeBob SquarePants, commemorating the television show’s 20th anniversary.

“For the last 45 years, the trusted Igloo Playmate coolers have evolved to showcase quintessential imagery, colors and graphics. Generations of cooler users have grown to love this iconic ice chest for its grab-and-go convenience and dual-access secure lid opening. Our collaboration with SpongeBob was a perfect match— just like him, Igloo Playmate is known for its iconic and recognizable shape,” said Brad Blankinship, vp/marketing for Igloo Coolers.

The collection includes limited-edition SpongeBob Rainbow Playmate Elite 16-quart cooler; CloseUp Playmate Pal 7-quart cooler; and Surprise Playmate Mini 4-quart cooler.

In addition, the company has launched the Toy Story Pizza Planet Playmate Mini to coincide with the debut of Disney and Pixar’s “Toy Story 4.” The 4-quart mini is designed to hold snacks, sandwiches and up to six cans.

The company has also launched a Playmate collection featuring Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, which showcases the characters’ iconic ears in the cooler design.

The collection includes: Playmate Pals in a 16-quart Playmate Elite featuring Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse ears; and Playmate Mini 4-quart coolers that feature a rainbow of miniature Mickeys or red and white polkadots, a staple of Minnie’s closet.

All of the new coolers are available now.