IHA Raises Concerns About Higher Tariff Rate

The International Housewares Association, which previously had come out against proposed tariffs on a host of housewares products, is raising new concerns over an increase in the proposed rate hike from 10% to 25%.

Mark Adkison, IHA’s vp/international, said, “The proposed increase to a 25% tariff rate will have an impact on housewares that is much more concerning now. We are opposed to any policy that adds cost to the supply chain without adding value. We believe there are other tactics that could be used instead of tariffs and hope both countries return to the negotiating table before the latest proposed tariffs take effect.”

Brett Bradshaw, co-president of Bradshaw Home and IHA chairman, is scheduled to testify before the Section 301 Committee on August 21 as to how the tariffs will affect both his company and the housewares industry.

“Imposing a 25% tariff on the proposed consumer products could not only be very detrimental to our business, but also to the already struggling retail sector that had over 7,000 store closures in 2017, a 200% increase from the previous year,” Bradshaw said. “We certainly support the effort to eliminate China’s unfair trading practices but feel the current path will lead to job losses and reduce our competitiveness in the global market.”

The IHA has joined the National Retail Federation coalition opposing the tariffs and has signed onto an Exclusion Process Letter with 67 other associations. More than 30 representatives of the coalition associations or member businesses will also be testifying at the hearing next week, according to Pam Sederholm, IHA’s government affairs representative.

“Because there is nothing that can be done legislatively to stop the tariffs, it is incumbent that IHA members who are affected provide comment to the committee,” Sederholm said. “An outpouring of public comment about the negative effects of the tariffs is greatly needed.”