iHome Unveils Connected Vanity Mirror

iHome, a division of consumer technologies company SDI Technologies, has unveiled its new line of Vanity Speakers.

According to the company, with Bluetooth audio, users can listen to music or take phone calls through the high-quality speaker in the base, while using the double-sided mirror with full color spectrum light.

The mirror is available in a 9-inch model, the iCVBT7, with 7x magnification that features durable metal construction; and a 6-inch model with 5x magnification, available in white (iCVBT5W) or silver (iCVBT5S). The 6-inch model is also lightweight.

Both models feature Bluetooth audio, a full control panel on the base and a USB charging port. The iCVBT7 also offers a rechargeable battery, which can run for up to four hours while unplugged. Both models also feature a power saving timer, which automatically shuts the light off when not in use.

“This vanity is the perfect addition to any makeup lover’s stash and is an ideal gift for the woman, or man, who has everything,” said Evan Stein, director of marketing for SDI Technologies. “This new line of high-quality vanity mirrors further cements iHome’s dedication to creating innovative and in-demand products that appeal to the consumer that craves a fully connected life.”

Suggested retail pricing is $149.99 for the iCVBT7 mirror and $99.99 for the iCVBT5W and iCVBT5S mirrors. Both models will be available at Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s and other retailers.