IIC To Roll Out New Tomorrow’s Kitchen Tools

International Innovation Company will debut new kitchen tools from its Tomorrow’s Kitchen brand. The Vegetable Scoop and Avocado Box will be offered at the upcoming International Home + Housewares Show.

The Vegetable Scoop was initially conceived as a pepper corer but its versatility extends to stripping seeds from cucumbers, tomatoes, melons and citrus fruits. The serrated edges on the scoop enables consumers to cut through the skin and flesh of produce.

IIC will also debut the Tomorrow’s Kitchen Avocado Box. It is designed to make it easy to pack avocados and protect them from bruising for on-the-go snacks and meal. The box locks securely and also unsnaps with ease.

The Tomorrow’s Kitchen Vegetable Scoop has a suggested retail price of $5, while the Avocado Box has an SRP of $7.