IIC Updates Vacu Vin Website

International Innovation Company (IIC) has updated the Vacu Vin website, which now features a new responsive design, clean graphics and original content designed to engage consumers.

In addition to featuring the company’s collection of wine accessories, the new website also includes enhanced lifestyle photography, videos, blogs, recipes and news. The company stated that its goal is to keep consumers informed on everything related to wine, beer, cocktails and more.

The new Vacu Vin website also features the Vacu Vin Academy, a section that provides consumers with articles about wine such as exploring the different variety of grapes, pairing wine with the right glassware and other topics.

“The website is more content driven because for consumers today, it is more about the experience of drinking wine, getting together with friends, making cocktails and food pairings and we wanted to supply that inspiration to consumers,” said Stephanie Christansen, vp/North American sales, IIC.