Ikea Brings Natural Inspiration To New Collections

Ikea’s furniture collection launches in February emphasize living a conscious and mindful lifestyle that is close to nature, according to the company.

Modern furniture balanced with traditional, rustic treasures, mirroring a consumer desire for both creativity and innovation, are key, Ikea stated. So the company has developed products designed to be good for health and the environment.

Introductory items include the Kornsjo entryway-oriented cabinet with mirror, selling at $199, which offers storage options for bags, shoes and knick-knacks, as well as a safety fitting to secure it to a wall; and the Lidkullen support, at $99, essentially a stool that encourages leaning as much as sitting, which can keep users moving as they conduct tasks.

The Torared pendant lamp shade, at $19.99, has a rustic design that casts harmonic shadows and spreads warm light around the room, Ikea indicated, while the bamboo Fullspackad serving tray, at $17.99, has two-tiered surfaces and a handle for easy hauling. The Bokmarken display box, at $19.99, has a gold-colored steel and glass construction rendering a piece that can display pictures or function as a mini greenhouse.

Next month, Ikea debuts the Tjillevips limited edition collection, featuring sustainable, handcrafted baskets woven from six different types of plant fibers: bamboo, rattan, seagrass, banana fiber, poplar and jute.