Ikea Designs Ombyte Collection For Younger Consumers

Ikea is launching Ombyte, a limited edition collection of furnishings and related products that double as moving and storage aids.

For example, the Ombyte Storage Combination on casters can move around a dwelling or between dwellings with ease. The product is stackable and the construction is unfinished plywood, providing customization potential. It comes as a two-pack priced at $59.

Other products in the collection include moving/toting/storage bags that also can serve laundry purposes. Priced at $7.99 each, the bags come in two designs: one model fitted with straps so it can also be used as a backpack and the other with zippers to keep things in place and protected.

The collection also includes a group of galvanized steel and corrugated cardboard boxes that can be used for storage, in moving and as ottomans or even tables, as well as stackable wire bins and the Ombyte cart, a hand truck in two colors priced at $49.