Ikea Opening New Burbank Store

On February 8, Ikea will open its new Burbank, CA, store, launching a series of events that includes giving away thousands of dollars in gift cards and merchandise.

Store-opening promotions include the give away of an iconic Landskrona sofa for each of the first 26 adults in line, and a Poang armchair for the next 100. Other promotions include the distribution of mystery envelopes containing either a gift card or buy-one-get-one free food item, and a sweepstakes that will result in 10 customers winning $1,000.

The 456,000 square-foot Ikea Burbank location occupies 22 acres west of San Fernando Boulevard and south of Providencia Avenue, less than a mile from the company’s oldest store in the western U.S. The original store, which opened in 1990, will close its doors permanently on February 4. The new Burbank store includes a rooftop solar array, consistent with the solar presence at 90% of Ikea locations in the U.S., as well as six electric vehicle charging stations and LED fixtures mounted inside and outside the building.

“Just as this new Ikea Burbank store will offer an enhanced way of shopping for the home, we want customers waiting in line to visit our new, bigger store to enjoy the unique experience, too,” said Jeff O’Shaughnessy, Ikea Burbank store manager.