Ikea Releasing Holiday Furnishings, Housewares Collection

Ikea has released a new holiday and winter collection, Varmer, which it developed to create a cozy atmosphere and to make people feel at home, the company said.

The company designed the Varmer collection to help people express their personalities, while connecting to memories and traditions as they cook, eat, socialize, unwind and relax. The collection includes holiday-inspired housewares and winter accessories, as well as functional furniture and decorations.

Products range from a stained, clear lacquered ash veneer chair, priced at $99; a pouffe, composed of a plastic reinforced paper cover and polyurethane foam filling, priced at $79; a $29.99 clear, acrylic lacquered ash veneer tray; and a $9.99 dishwasher and microwave safe pitcher. Ikea priced the collection for value as a seasonal and gift item, with the top end at $129.99 for a wool flatwoven rug and proceeding down to $3.99 for a dishwasher and microwave safe colored-glazed stoneware bowl.

The Varmer collection launches in October.