Ikea Signals Key Strategies At Catalog Launch

At a press event in New York yesterday, Ikea unveiled its new catalog and a theme that will influence its business generally through the next year: “Where the Everyday Begins and Ends.” Under that theme, Ikea is emphasizing bath, organization and bedroom among the product categories it covers.

Organization and the other major product categories frequently mix, as in the case of a chair that also serves as a towel rack for bath and a bed on a levered platform that allows access a hidden storage compartment.

Ikea stated that its market research demonstrated that 70% of Americans share their bathroom with a spouse or partner, which makes organization all the more critical. Indeed, the retailer characterized bedrooms and bathrooms as places consumers use to refresh and recharge, so facilitating those imperatives became the basis for the strategy the retailer is now launching. To that end, Ikea is offering, in addition to storage and organization items, a range of soft and cozy textiles for bathrooms that help create a spa-like feel, as the retailer characterized it.

For its part, the bedroom is a consumer comfort zone, and Ikea is particularly emphasizing master bedroom as an environment where it can bring down stress levels. In fact, the retailer said, market research indicated that consumers regard a lack of space or insufficient storage to be their biggest furnishings challenge in the bedroom. So, in addition to storage enabled beds, Ikea is launching or relaunching a variety of storage products from simple organizers to updated Pax closet organizers with extending racks to make organizing for efficient and convenient.

As for the new catalog, consumers can request a printed copy at getmy2015catalog.com, or they can view a digital edition at 2015digitalcatalog.com beginning July 24. New digital catalog features include a function that allows consumers to create and save lists of their favorite products from the digital catalog.

A catalog app for smartphones and tablets provides users access to extended catalog content. Consumers can simply scan designated pages of the printed catalog to access an augmented reality Place in Your Room function that allows them to virtually place and view nearly 300 Ikea products in their own homes. Consumers also can check out shareable videos featuring quick DIY tips and stories behind Ikea products, 360-degree views that allow them to look around a whole room to weigh how furnishings fit and image galleries.